The kitchen is the heart of the home and the heart of my home has a brand new oven in it! I was provided with a brand new Frigidaire Full Induction Freestanding Range. If you are like me, you may not know what an induction range is. Here is what Frigidaire says about Induction technology:

Induction technology is more responsive than gas or electric, offering the utmost cooking flexibility. Sensors automatically detect the presence of magnetic cookware, activate the induction field and adjust it to the exact size of the pan. Using electromagnetic energy, heat is transferred directly to the cookware — so the cooktop remains cooler for easy cleanup. Induction allows for more precise control when cooking — you can instantly adjust the heat to a delicate simmer or bring it to a quick boil. And with induction technology, the cookware heats more quickly than on gas or electric cooktops — so cook times are faster, meaning less energy is used.

I had to test this out for myself, but first I needed the right cookware. Since induction heating requires magnetic cookware, I had to ensure that I was using the right pans. Once I had what I needed, I tested out the burners. I turned on the burner and nothing happened until I placed the pan on the burner. Then I heard the a slight hum as the pan was heated. After a few minutes I lifted the pan and brought my hand close to it. It was hot, but the burner was still cold. I love this! I am a paranoid Mom about the danger of kids getting burned and now I have one less household concern: no hot burners! This also means that the majority of the energy is being used right in the pan, creating a very energy efficient cooking method.

Aside from the energy savings and safety of the induction range, there are some other great features. The oven is self cleaning and has a convection option. I like the quick reheat, and I really like that I can set up the oven to turn on and off on it’s own. Those busy days when I’m in and out of the house a lot, I can simply set it up to cook our dinner!

frigidaire collage

The oven has a temperature probe that plugs right into the inside of the oven so that I can ensure our meat is cooked properly. That is particularly beneficial when cooking turkeys and large roasts at this time of year.

My favourite thing about this range is the space. I made a smaller Thanksgiving dinner before we left for Florida, and I was able to fit everything you see below (two casseroles, a roasting pan and a dish of stuffing) on the bottom two racks. When everything was nearly done, I slid the baking pan with the rolls on the top rack and everything was ready and hot at the same time.

frigidaire range inside

I can’t wait to make our whole Thanksgiving dinner (we are working on our own schedule these days) using the true convection. I know it’s going to make cooking a lot easier!

You can win a Frigidaire Full Induction Freestanding Range by entering the contest on the Frigidaire Facebook page between now and October 31st!

Disclosure:  I am part of the Frigidaire Canada Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.



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