It’s finally time to face the music.  There comes a time in our  daughters’ lives where they outgrow baby dolls, princesses, riding pink bikes with streamers and dress up parties.  Once they hit a certain age, their tastes become a little more unpredictable and gift giving season becomes just a little more challenging than the last.  That’s why I like the new Seventeen Bedding line sold exclusively online at

My daughter asked for a new bedding set for her room this Christmas, and because I know her taste so well I knew she’d just love the new Ikat Vintage Ombre set!  It’s a really unique design, and I love the Boho Chic feel it has to it!

Seventeen Ombre Ikat Comforter Set

Seventeen Bedding at

The Full/Queen Seventeen Ombre Ikat Comforter Set comes with a comforter and two pillow shams (one sham for Twin size).  This set is so unique, because it has the classic ombre fade, which means that no two sets will be alike.  The shams I received are actually cut from the lighter end of the print, and shams in the stock photo are cut from the darker end of the print.

In order for us to have a contrast between shams and comforter, we decided to flip the comforter end over end and put the darker end at the head of the bed.  My photos certainly do not do this set justice (the coloring is lighter than it appears in the photo).

Seventeen Ombre Ikat Comforter Set

I really like that this set is machine washable and reversible.  The shams are adorable, and they have tie closures on the ends.  So cute.

The side that is intended to be the top of the comforter is really quite cute, because it has gathers rather than just plain quilting.  The back side is flat with no gathering if you prefer that, but the ombre fade is prominent on both sides.

Seventeen Ombre Ikat Comforter Set

When purchasing these sets, please pay close attention to the measurements to make sure that this set will fit the bed for which it is intended.  It comes in Twin size and then Full/Queen.  The Full/Queen will fit a Full sized bed nicely, however, for a Queen, it will only drape over the foot of the bed approximately six to eight inches.  You’ll want to be creative with how you make the bed!

There are lots of great prints from which to choose, so make sure you check out these new styles:

  • Chloe Garden: An artistic and whimsical floral design in bright yellow, pink and purple, enhanced by a deep navy blue background—perfect for daydreaming about first dates and fun times with friends
  • Ikat Vintage Ombre: A refreshing ikat design in revitalizing shades of blue on a white background—the ideal design for that Boho chic teen
  • Silvana Sunset: This pink, yellow and red hued-design is one of hottest patterns under the sun(set) and offers a vibrant, fun and fresh option for that outgoing gal

These great sets normally range in price from $80 to $200, but for a limited time, this holiday season, they are on sale with awesome discounts!  They are the perfect way to ensure your girl’s bedroom design is bold, beautiful and stylish—just like her.

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