My children were anticipating the release of Disney Infinity this year and I was pretty excited about it too, so it’s no surprise that I picked it up within a couple of days of the release. I purchased the starter set for the xbox 360 and a couple of extra figures, and we brought it home to try it out. It was an instant favourite!

It’s no secret that we love all things Disney. We watch the Disney television channels every day. We see every Disney movie when it is released. We escape to Disney World as often as we can. And we have a house full of Disney paraphernalia: toys, books, games, clothing, bedding, cups, plates, ornaments, wrapping paper… you get the idea. So it is just natural that a video game that allows you to not only become your favourite Disney characters but also hang out in their worlds…well, that couldn’t be anything but a hit. The kids have wanted to play it every day since we bought it, and our collection of characters grows every time I walk into Costco.

disney infinity

We have added a couple of Frozen characters to the set since this photo was taken. It is fantastic that they are making Disney princess characters because so often video games are geared towards boys and my daughter loves princesses. She also loves Jessie from Toy Story and all of the kids have liked taking turns with the Incredibles family of characters, which we have the entire set of.

Disney Infinity can be played by one or two people at a time. You can play in any of the numerous toy boxes, that are simply different Disney worlds that have things the kids are familiar with, or you can put up two characters from the same story line and play in their world. The game is simple enough that my youngest son can play without difficulty, yet it provides enough excitement and challenges for my older kids and my husband too. I have even caught my 21 year old playing it with his little brother, and that is a rare sight!

Here is a video showing how the game works…

We get way too excited about this game to wait for Christmas, so there won’t be any Disney Infinity toys under our tree (they are all opened and in play already), but if you have more self control than we do I suggest you put one away. It would be the perfect Christmas gift!



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