My Frigidaire Full Induction Freestanding Range has been working overtime this month. Food is synonymous with the holidays in our house, and this year was no exception. However, there was a difference in how I did things this year because I had my new range. I have mentioned the oven space that I have now, but I have to say it allowed me to bake three sheets of cookies all at once. I made ham and scalloped potatoes and had room to slip in a pan of rolls on top. I baked both of my Christmas morning casseroles on one rack, leaving it so I could have put cinnamon buns or another pastry in if I had thought of it ahead of time (that is on the menu for next year).

Frigidaire cooking

I really value the energy savings of the induction stove top and I continue to be amazed with the quick response when I change the burner temperature. My eggs were at a rolling boil when I turned off the burner. The water instantly stopped  boiling. It is amazing how quickly that happens! My favourite holiday benefit to the induction range involved melting chocolate. I had heard that I could melt chocolate in a regular pot right on the burner and I decided to give it a try. I kept the heat at medium-low and melted three bags of chocolate chips with absolutely no chocolate burning. It ended up perfectly smooth which was just what I needed to make my Christmas peppermint bark.

frigidaire entertaining food

It is Boxing Day and I’m not done cooking yet. Now that I know how easy it is to melt chocolate on the induction stove top, I think I need to make some more candy and squares, and I have several dip recipes that I ran out of time to make before the holidays. Thankfully we still have New Year’s to celebrate!

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