Ride in style with the smarTrike Touch Steering Boutique

I am so excited to be able to give my son an awesome Christmas gift this year that we can both use! The smarTrike® Touch Steering Boutique is an awesome versatile tricycle system that grows with your little one from the age of about 10 months until he learns to balance and ride a two wheeled bike!

smarTrike Boutique

Drake, our adorable little neighbor helped me test this bad boy out!   He didn’t quite understand that the smarTrike® Boutique isn’t his, but he’s excited to be able to share it with Jett after Christmas!

The unique 4 in 1 tricycle is designed for babies from 10 months and grows with the child! With the lightest touch, the Boutique maneuvers like a stroller. The unique navigator button on the mudguard lets one switch from parent Touch Steering® to child ride-control. Built in suspension gives baby a 100% comfort ride.

I was a little overwhelmed, right out of the box, with all of the parts that needed to be assembled, but there were really simple picture instructions and it didn’t really take that much effort to assemble the trike.  If you’re like me, and getting this trike when your little one is a little older, it’s even easier to assemble, because you can skip a few steps!

It also comes with a cute little phone attached (it sits in it’s old holder) by a cord so that your little one stays occupied when not quite ready to do his own pedaling or steering.

smarTrike Boutique

Stage 1:  Starting at about 10 months old, your little one can use this trike with the help of a stroller or car seat harness type seat.  It also has  place to rest his feet so that they aren’t just dangling, and when he’s older, the foot rest easily folds up and out of the way.

The functional, washable, padded seat cover coordinated with trendy folding, UV-blocking material canopy and printed bag gives a chic, fashionable look to the product.

Stage 2:  When your little one hits about 18 months,  you can remove the high seat back and start transitioning your little one into more of a trike type mode.   You still have the foot rest, and the pedals are not locked into place so that they do not cause injury to your little one while you’re actually pushing him like a stroller.

Stage 3:  At around 24 months, it’s just about time to remove the foot rest and click the pedals into place to where he can start learning how to pedal on his own.  This is the stage that Jett (and our neighbor tester) is on, and I really like that I can still push him like a stroller down the street while he’s learning how to actually ride a tricycle. Our babysitter just moved into a house about a block behind us, and this is perfect for walking him over in the mornings.  He’ll get to ride in style.

Stage 4:  The manufacturer has set a guideline at about 30 months for your little one to transition all the way over to a fully blown tricycle. At this point, you lose the “mom handle” and let him do his own thing.

If you’re looking for a last minute gift for your favorite little one, you can stop by Toy”R”Us and pick one up for only $149.99.  I find this to be a great price for a product that grows with your child and lets him ride in style!

Lisa and her husband live in Mont Belvieu, Texas (East Houston) with their four kiddos. She is a labor doula as well as a full time blogger. Lisa is active in the natural parenting and birth community in the Houston, Texas area, and is the owner of BetweentheKids.com.


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