I have always cared about giving my children healthy food to eat, but I have become very diligent about our food in the past year since my son got sick. I have started reading more labels and trying to find the best choices for my family. I believe that most food is okay in moderation, so we haven’t cut anything out of our diets entirely, but we do try to make most of our meals from natural ingredients. I recently discovered a brand that understands our desire to eat healthy foods while still getting to enjoy the convenience and ease of some prepackaged foods.

Schneiders Country Naturals allows me to serve my family some of their favourite meals without worrying about the additives in them. I have always liked bologna sandwiches. They are a quick and easy lunch that is great beside soup or chili and it keeps me going for the rest of the day. My kids like bologna too, and we all like to pack a picnic lunch on warm days. Country Naturals bologna is made from pork raised without antibiotics. It is gluten free and is mad with pork, water, tapioca starch, sea salt, vinegar, cane sugar, cherry powder, cultured celery extract, spice, onion powder and garlic powder. It is also some of the best tasting bologna I’ve ever had.

country naturals balogna

Country Naturals is Canada’s first and only family of prepared meats crafted with authentic, wholesome and recognizable ingredients like lemon juice, sea salt and vinegar. Schneiders® Country Naturals products help your family experience meat the way it’s supposed to taste. Quite simply put, it’s just the good stuff.

  • No preservatives added
  • No artificial ingredients, colour or flavours
  • No additives
  • No MSG or by-products


I wish that I would have tried Country Naturals products a lot sooner. I have seen them in grocery stores and for some reason didn’t ever pick them up. I will now! What can be better than giving my family healthier versions of the foods they love?



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