The A to Z of Children's HealthWhether you are a brand new parent or an experienced Mom, sometimes you find yourself needing a little help especially when it comes to your child’s health.

The A to Z of Children’s Health is an indispensable reference that will solve every parent’s health query. Written by pediatric experts, Dr. Jeremy Friedman, Dr. Natasha Saunders and Dr. Norman Saunders, from the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children, this comprehensive and contemporary guide covers over 235 childhood conditions and illnesses – from diaper rash to remedies for the common cold.  The easy-to-read format will guide you through questions about your child’s health, providing practical tips and strategies that may help avoid countless hours of waiting in a doctor’s office or emergency room.

My children are all past the baby/toddler stage, but there’s still a lot to learn. This book offers advice for moms of little ones and older children. You can find tips for toilet training, dealing with temper tantrums and teething. As a mom of school aged children, bullying is something I worry about. Here is some advice about bullying from the book:

How To Manage Bullying & Cyberbullying:

  • Open the lines of communication with your child and with the school about this issue.
  • Ask your child directly about bullying, particularly if there has been a change in your child’s mood, behavior, or academic performance.
  • Save and report. Ask your child to save the threatening message and report it to an appropriate adult.
  • Learn the language, acronyms and secret codes of bullying.
  • Learn the different types of bullying.
  • Tell your child never post or text anything on the Internet that you wouldn’t want the whole world to read.
  • Tell your child never share passwords. Sometimes best friends “turn,” and some are simply careless.
  • Tell your child not to respond. To leave the chat room, online game, social networking site or text chat immediately if a threat is made.
  • Tell your child to block subsequent messages. Use the technology to automatically block texts and emails from the individual.

Less than 10% of teens that have been bullied online have told their parents. Some may be afraid of the bully, some are ashamed of the on-line posting, while others may be afraid of you taking away their cellphone or Internet access.

Find out what causes bullying, bullying red flags, and when to talk to your doctor about bullying on pages 102-103 of The A to Z of Children’s Health: A Parent’s Guide From Birth to 10 Years.

CREDIT: Courtesy: The A to Z of Children’s Health: A Parent’s Guide From Birth to 10 Years by Dr Jeremy Friedman & Dr Natasha Saunders © 2013 Reprinted with publisher permission.

That is sound advice for parents and it helps to know that it is unlikely that my child would disclose bullying, so it’s important to watch for the signs. I will be flagging that section of the book!

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