Day: February 14, 2014

Win a Disney Infinity Starter Pack & Mickey {Canada}

Disney Infinity was an overnight hit in our house. The kids love getting new characters and seeing what they can discover in the toy boxes on the game. They don’t ever get bored because there are always new toy boxes being added, and every character combination gives you a new game to try! My kids are all very different, and they all have their own favourite Disney movies and characters. Avery is a girly girl who is thrilled to play with the Frozen princesses or with Jessie from Toy Story. Griffin was really excited to try out the Toy...

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Pounding the Pavement on Date Night #NaturallyatHome

When it comes to hobbies and activities, my husband and I don’t have a lot in common. He loves sports and big social gatherings. I like the arts and quiet evenings in. He’s silly. I’m serious. He’s laid back. I’m a total Type A personality. One thing we have always had in common is our love for the movies. We try to get out at least one night a month for a movie date night. It’s just the break we need to reconnect and have a little adult time and it’s a forty minute drive to our movie theater so...

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