When it comes to hobbies and activities, my husband and I don’t have a lot in common. He loves sports and big social gatherings. I like the arts and quiet evenings in. He’s silly. I’m serious. He’s laid back. I’m a total Type A personality. One thing we have always had in common is our love for the movies. We try to get out at least one night a month for a movie date night. It’s just the break we need to reconnect and have a little adult time and it’s a forty minute drive to our movie theater so we get a chance for some uninterrupted conversation.mike rundisney

In the past year, we discovered another shared interest. We both took up running. For our eleventh anniversary we ran a 5k at Disney World. Since neither of us had run an official race in decades, it was quite an accomplishment both physically and emotionally. It’s fun to have something that we both enjoy doing that is healthy and we can do with the kids if we can’t get away on our own. And if our date night is going for a run, I can put on running shoes and sweats, which is just my style!

We want to stay healthy so that we can continue to run together, so we both take multi-vitamins each day and drink power smoothies and protein shakes. Cutting out junk food is also key, and junk food always played a big part in our movie night routine. We still go to the movies, just not as often and we make sure we don’t go while we’re hungry. It really is more fun to spend time together doing healthy activities, and I think it sets a great example for the kids too.

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How do you like to spend your date night? Do you have any shared activities that are not your typical dates?

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