Month: March 2014

You will never be bored with Netflix #StreamTeam

Remember the days of 12″ black and white televisions that had three channels, and you actually had to get up to change the channel? It sounds absurd to me, and I lived it. It’s a different world today and your choice of entertainment is only a couple of clicks away. My family has been enjoying Netlix programming for a few years. There are television series for all ages and preferences, and the movie selection is excellent too. I love the family accounts that show programming geared towards each person, and I especially like that the children’s accounts are limited...

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Brunch Recipe: Egg & Ham Casserole

Weekends are for family, and I like to show my family how much they mean to me by treating them to a delicious brunch. Sometimes I make my brunch recipes the night before and let them sit all night, but I don’t always plan that far ahead so I like to have variations that can be cooked right away. On this particular morning I got up and took a look around the kitchen to see what I had on hand. A loaf of Villaggio bread, eggs, some leftover ham and cheese was enough to put together something delicious. Here...

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Insider Tips for a Smooth Spring Break

Your hotel and flights are booked and you’re half way out the door – but have you considered how you’re going to get your body ready for a week or two of fun in the sun? Luckily for you, we’ve enlisted the help of beauty expert, Rhonda Shupe, to share her top tips to get you ready for the beach, bikinis and bare legs. For the best results and to get your body silky and smooth in time for spring break, follow these insider tips: 1) Choose a method that best suits your hair removal needs. If you’re headed...

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Cure Picky Eaters by Dressing Up Your Meals with Cheese

My two youngest boys are picky eaters. They announce “I don’t like this!” at nearly every meal, and usually before they even know what it is that they have been served. It’s frustrating to cook day after day only to hear groans and complaints when I put their meals in front of them. I do have two other children and a husband who are appreciative and happy with my cooking, but the complaints seem to be a little louder than the thanks! There is something that I can do to ensure my children will at least try their meals,...

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Win a Hockey Mom Survival Kit ARV $40 #PGMom #HockeyMomCA

Being a hockey mom can be a little intimidating if you have no experience with hockey. When my son wanted to play hockey I was all for it and I wasn’t worried about it because my husband has a great deal of hockey knowledge and experience. We signed him up and took on our volunteer roles, my husband as coach and me as convenor for my son’s league. I knew it was a big role but I have a lot of experience scheduling and organizing people so I knew I could handle it. Then people started coming to me...

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