March Break can start to feel like a long week when you have kids looking for something to do every day. I like to find activities that are both fun and educational and Snapfish has exactly what I was looking for.

For young children who love to expand their mind, offers free, fun printable worksheets to support their learning over March Break.

hp tablet 2

With activities for kids from preschool age right up to grade three, there are many educational printout to choose from. I like that we could open them up on the HP Slate 8 Pro tablet and easily print them from our HP Printer. I found a few activities that would well for my 6 year old and printed them for him.

SF printouts

He can tell time digitally but needs to work on telling time on a clock with hands. There are cute watch print outs that give the digital time but also allow the kids to try and figure it out with the hands. Griffin loved wearing them and was trying to count the minutes and figure out the time it was showing.

SF watch

Sometimes I just need him to be busy doing something that he enjoys. This face printout allowed Griffin to make silly faces using pictures of common objects. He had some pretty funny creations and he gave me a little time to do some work while he played.

SF faces

We printed off the quarter worksheet too and realized that Griffin doesn’t understand counting money yet. Now we know an area that we need to work on! I’m saving that print out for another day when he’s ready for it.

There are sheets about shapes and measurements, and pages about gardening and making patterns, and so many more. He really had fun with them and I plan to print some more for him to do on the weekends. I can always use more activities to keep the kids busy!

What types of activities do you do to keep the kids busy and having fun?

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