I have the pleasure of working out of my home which means that I should be able to have a home cooked meal on the table every day. The reality is that I get caught up in my work and supper time is often here before I know it, and I haven’t planned a thing. That has lead to far too many pizzas ordered in this house, so I am planning ahead and making it really easy to have healthy home cooked meals every day.

freezer meals

I have a trip coming up that will take my youngest son and me away for several days, so for my first week of freezer meals I needed to mainly make things that will work for my husband and three oldest children. My husband works long days so I had to ensure it was all food that could go in the slow cooker for 8-10 hours. I am also being conscious of what we spend, so I looked at the grocery flyer and made choices based on what was on sale.

I found great deals on ground beef, chicken thighs and stewing beef so I added them to the grocery list. I found almost everything I needed for chili in the cupboard and I had the ingredients to prepare an oven macaroni and cheese dish that I could freeze. There was some leftover ham in the fridge that needed to get used, so it was cut up for the macaroni dish. After picking up my groceries, ziploc bags and a reuseble foil dish for the macaroni, I got right to work. It took me nearly two hours, but in that time I prepared seven meals.

freezer meals 1

The seven meals I created were:

  • Oven baked macaroni & cheese with ham, ready to cook in the oven
  • Two freezer bags of beef stew for the slow cooker
  • One shepherd’s pie base that can go in the slow cooker or a casserole dish
  • One large bag of chili for the slow cooker
  • One chicken and rice for the slow cooker
  • One chicken soup bag for the slow cooker

In the coming weeks I will share these recipes for freezer meals, so be sure to check in!



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