I have a secret. Well, it’s not exactly a secret to anyone that actually knows me in real life, but it’s a secret I keep from the online world. It’s a secret that leads me to take a lot of photos like this…

clairol post

Have you figured out my secret yet? It’s a secret that goes back a lot of years! I found my first grey hair when I was 14 years old. That was quite a long time ago, so you can imagine how many I have now! I’m 41 years old and I would wager that most of my head is grey, although I try to keep it coloured to as close to my natural colour as I can get. I’m a very busy woman though, and since I work at home I don’t always worry about how I look and I let my hair colouring routine get away from me. This is the result…


So there it is. Everyone knows what I’m hiding under those hats and cut off photos. I am very very grey. In my opinion, I am also way too young to be that grey. Thankfully I have Clairol and one of my favourite products is the Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch Up. It is easy to use and it covers the grey really well. It also seems to match whatever colour I have used on my hair. Here is my hair a couple of days after using the Root Touch Up.

hair after

I use it every other time I need my hair coloured, which saves my hair from being processed so often. Clairol has a new product called Age Defy that I will be trying for my next all over treatment. It says it has the most advanced grey coverage so it is definitely a product that I could use. Since I just did a root touch up I won’t need to try Age Defy for a few weeks, but I will share a picture once I do. I have high hopes for it!

Do you have grey hair that you hide?

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