I am a work at home Mom with four children. I routinely read children’s books and have lengthy discussions about Star Wars and Judy Moody, and I have spent countless hours watching cartoons and children’s programming on television. My husband works long hours doing physical work and when he comes home he just wants to stay there, when all I want to do is get out! Since going out every evening is not an option, we find our escape through television shows. A program that takes you away from the daily grind and allows you to be entertained without leaving the house is a treasure, and we have several that we love.

The Big Bang Theory was a hit with me from the first episode. I always had a soft spot for David on Roseanne and it was fun to see Johnny Galecki return to a series in a new role. Sheldon is annoying endearing and my husband often compares me to him. I take it as a compliment. Mayim Bialik is in her best role since Blossom and she was the perfect addition to the show. The entire cast is quirky and essential to the story. I laugh through every episode, even those I’ve seen over and over again.

The Walking Dead is an unlikely favourite of mine. I don’t like scary or gory shows. I don’t see horror movies and I cringe during violent scenes in any show…yet I love The Walking Dead. My husband started watching it first while I tried to ignore the television. Daryl The incredible storyline won me over though, and I am a dedicated fan now. My only complaint is that I have to wait a week between episodes during the regular season.

Resurrection is a new show that has me scratching my head. There are some strange things happening in this show so far, and it’s too early in the show to have a solid grasp on what exactly they all mean.

One of the best parts about being a huge fan of a show is being able to talk about it with other fans. As we all know, spoilers on social media can ruin a good program for people who love it, so it’s not really kind to have those discussions where people may not be expecting to see spoilers. This is why I am so happy I found Beamly.


Beamly is a place where people can gather to discuss their favourite shows. I have joined rooms for the three shows I listed above and there are many more that I may have to join too. It’s the perfect place to share laughs about characters, consider other people’s theories on the direction a show is taking, and share your shock and excitement about the latest episodes.

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