My daughter has been asking for a later bedtime for quite some time, and seeing as she’s nearly 10 years old I thought I should at least consider her request. I asked her to put in writing what bedtime she wanted, why she felt she should be able to stay up later and what she would do to ensure this would be the right decision for us, and she did a great job! She asked for a 9pm bedtime (previously 8pm) and said that she deserves this because she always gets up on time and gets ready for school with no complaint, and she isn’t tired at 8pm. She promised to continue getting  up on time and to keep her room clean in exchange for the later bedtime. We granted her request, and then subsequently denied the same request to her brothers who could not make the same claims as her.

So now we have a child sitting up with us until 9pm every night. The first week of her new bedtime was spent with her putting on every Disney Family program she loved and whining if we changed it, or complaining that she’s bored. I love her, but when the clock hits 8pm it’s quiet time. It’s grown up time, and it’s not time for children’s programming and it’s certainly not time for whining and complaining. So we found a compromise.

Avery now puts on a pair of headphones and watches the new Shaw Go kids apps on the ipad.


Shaw Go Family, Shaw Go Disney XD and Shaw Go Disney Junior are available for download today on iOS and Android devices. Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct customers can download the apps by visiting or Shaw Go Family, Shaw Go Disney XD and Shaw Go Disney Junior are available to all Shaw Cable subscribers. As a significant value-add, Shaw Internet customers are able to complement their use of these apps by accessing the Shaw Go WiFi network. A full list of locations is available at or through the Shaw Go WiFi Finder App.

Avery prefers Shaw Go Family because it has all of her favourite shows on it, but Shaw Go Disney XD also has some programs she enjoys. Griffin has found Jake and the Neverland Pirates and a few other fun shows on Shaw Go Disney Junior. I like that she can watch some of her shows and give us a little quiet time, without sending her out of the room. It’s a win/win for us!

shaw 2

Parental controls are another great feature on these apps, because I can’t always see what they’re doing on the screen. All of the apps are so easy to use that even the youngest child would have no problem finding their shows. The use of images and text combined work perfectly.

One of my lucky readers will win a Shaw prize pack that includes an Ogio gym bag, along with a pen, calculator, water bottle and hat.


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