leafMy dog is getting up there in years. In dog years he’s over 70 years old, and he has the stereotypical gruffness of 70 year old too. He enjoys lounging around on the couch with his blanket and pillow (he’s also a bit of a princess) and going for short and slow walks. He isn’t interested in birds or cats or other dogs, and he definitely does not want to be brushed or cleaned. He loves to cuddle though, and he will find some pep for a game of tug’o’war with the kids. The thing that really gets him excited though, is a treat. You just say the word ‘treat’ and he’s up and ready.

His favourite treats are flavoured like cheese or bacon, which comes as no surprise since he really likes both cheese and bacon in their true forms, but they aren’t necessarily that good for him.

Misfits have created a new line of dog treats that any dog would be thrilled to try. The treats are Scruffy Bites (in Steak & Poutine and Man n’ Cheese flavor), Wonky Chomps (in Surfy Turkey and Cheeseburger) and Quirky Jerky (in Bacon & Peanut butter and Smoky Bacon Burger). My dog must not be the only one who loves cheese and bacon (go figure)! Look how excited these dogs get about their Misfits.

While my dog doesn’t dance for his treats the way the dogs in the video do, he does grab the treat and run for his bed where he can eat his treat without being bothered. It’s the most action we ever see out of him! Visit the Misfits Facebook page to see more feed the funny action.

This post has been sponsored by Misfits, but all thoughts are my own.



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