avery swimThere’s 25 days of school left here (not that we’re counting or anything) and we are all very ready for the break. Summer is the perfect time to pack up the kids and head off to find excitement and adventures! There’s nothing worse than kids who announce how bored they are on the second day of summer vacation, so we like to keep them busy. There are a lot of fun ways to spend the summer months!

Some of our favourite summer staycations and getaways include:

  • Camping, even if it’s in the backyard, but preferably somewhere with a lake and a pool.
  • The Zoo is always a fun day trip, and you can sneak a little education in without the kids realizing it.
  • Waterparks are a great way to cool off while having a good time.
  • Picnics are fun, especially when incorporated with a day trip.
  • Finding your inner daredevil on the biggest roller coaster in a theme park will show your kids how much fun you are!
  • Take a road trip to somewhere you have never been before, and don’t be afraid to make pit stops along the way.
  • Ontario summers are humid, so finding a summer getaway with a little less humidity is always nice.
  • Hiking will keep you in shape and provide some quality family time.
  • If you’re an early riser you may enjoy going fishing with the kids, or even just a relaxing boat ride.
  • A day at the beach is the perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day.
  • Rent a cottage at the lake for a relaxing home away from home.
  • Find a drive-in movie theatre and take the kids to see a late night flick.

sand castleIf you are looking for some more specific summer vacation ideas, be sure to check out My Family Travels! Whatever you decide to do this summer, have a safe and happy time!



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