Staycation or Vacation? What will you do this summer? #bestsummer

avery swimThere’s 25 days of school left here (not that we’re counting or anything) and we are all very ready for the break. Summer is the perfect time to pack up the kids and head off to find excitement and adventures! There’s nothing worse than kids who announce how bored they are on the second day of summer vacation, so we like to keep them busy. There are a lot of fun ways to spend the summer months!

Some of our favourite summer staycations and getaways include:

  • Camping, even if it’s in the backyard, but preferably somewhere with a lake and a pool.
  • The Zoo is always a fun day trip, and you can sneak a little education in without the kids realizing it.
  • Waterparks are a great way to cool off while having a good time.
  • Picnics are fun, especially when incorporated with a day trip.
  • Finding your inner daredevil on the biggest roller coaster in a theme park will show your kids how much fun you are!
  • Take a road trip to somewhere you have never been before, and don’t be afraid to make pit stops along the way.
  • Ontario summers are humid, so finding a summer getaway with a little less humidity is always nice.
  • Hiking will keep you in shape and provide some quality family time.
  • If you’re an early riser you may enjoy going fishing with the kids, or even just a relaxing boat ride.
  • A day at the beach is the perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day.
  • Rent a cottage at the lake for a relaxing home away from home.
  • Find a drive-in movie theatre and take the kids to see a late night flick.

sand castleIf you are looking for some more specific summer vacation ideas, be sure to check out My Family Travels! Whatever you decide to do this summer, have a safe and happy time!


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  1. Anne Taylor says

    Great ideas to keep the little ones busy during the summer! We are going to have our grandkids alot this year, so we are going to make a ton of day trips to various beaches and parks! Living in Victoria we have a never ending amount of beaches available to us!

  2. Florence C says

    Flying from Eastern Canada to Edmonton. Going to spend some time camping with my son and his family. Great way to spend time with the grandchildren.

  3. Darlene Schuller says

    We have some day trips planned. We’re hitting up the Safari and going to the Zoo, hoping to make Wonderland. My husband and I are going away for 3 days for our anniversary in July and we have a family reunion to attend.

  4. Lynda Cook says

    it would be nice to go away, but with me on disability my hubby is the only one working, so short of money and time since he works two jobs, so we just stay home and every other weekend we get the fire going and cook our supper over the flame and sit around the fire and listen to music, that is our getaway

  5. Christy Martin says

    We will be doing some camping and hopefully a bit of a longer trip than just a weekend. Thank you for the reminder about the drive-in. We have a local one, but I tend not think of it until it is too late!

  6. Rob Brydon says

    We will be taking a couple of camping vacations this summer, spend some time in the great outdoors. Take in some sunrises, catch a few fish, hike maybe a bit of geocaching and end the days with a camp fire.

  7. Kirsten says

    We have one long weekend away planned. The rest of summer is filled with day trips around Niagara, day camp, time with family, and swimming lessons.

  8. Darlene W says

    I hope to take a lot of day trips with the grandkids if we don’t make it down east this summer. I think I would miss the kiddy’s if I was gone too long

  9. Chandra Christine O'Connor says

    we enjoy the drive in movies, and the cobourg beach is so nice we will go there and walk the boardwalk. watch the kids at the splash pad thats always fun to watch.

  10. Jeannie says

    We usually try to do one trip a year, but this year we are doing a staycation and plan to be a tourist in our own city. Everyone says how wonderful Vancouver is and would love to visit, so we figured, we live here so we should go see what everyone wants to go see when they are here.

  11. DARLENE W says

    We managed to get in a few day trips with the grandkids this summer, nice and adventurous, from Lion Safari to Medieval Times, we had fun

  12. DARLENE W says

    Seems silly commenting on this post when the kids are back to school already, but summer isn’t officially over yet. There is still time to take them on mini adventures in the surrounding area

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