I have always had extremely fine hair, but I had a lot of it and it was very curly so my hair never looked thin. With each pregnancy I seemed to experience more and more hair loss, and I even lost a great deal of curl over the years. The result is hair that needs some help!

I tried Nioxin for a couple of weeks that started just a few days after I coloured my hair. I found that a lot of the colour was stripped from my hair after just a couple of uses of Nioxin, and my hair started to feel very dry after a week of use. It was feeling fuller, but also very wiry and dry, so I stopped using Nioxin. About a month later, when my hair was feeling healthy again and had not been recently coloured, I decided to try Nioxin again. This time my hair did not dry out and no further colour was stripped from my hair. I feel like my hair looks thicker than it did before and it feels full and soft. It’s nice to get that full feeling again. I lost so much hair after each of my children that I feared I may go bald!

Did you know that 75 per cent of new moms notice more hair shedding than normal after childbirth?  It is part of the many changes a woman goes through during pregnancy.  It’s not uncommon to go from thick, shiny hair before pregnancy to see it quickly transform to thin-looking, limp hair weeks after giving birth.

If you want to experience thicker-looking hair, look no further than NIOXIN.  It’s the #1 choice of hair stylists to deliver fuller, denser-looking hair and it was developed by a mom!NIOXIN System Kit 2

You’ll see results of thicker-looking hair after just two weeks of using the NIOXIN System Kit.  NIOXIN DiaMax is a daily leave-in treatment that increases the thickness of each hair strand by up to 4.5 per cent after one use.

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