My son was nine years old when my husband and I started dating, and ten years old when we married. Mike became an instant father, and he did it with grace. Becoming a father to a ten year old is different than becoming a father to a new baby. When you have a baby with someone you get to decide how to raise that baby together, but when you step into the parenting role with an older child, it means making more compromises so that the child has consistency and doesn’t suddenly have new rules along with a new parent. It means taking a back seat in the relationship and respecting the bond between the mother and child that has existed for years before you met. Mike seemed to understand these things from early on and it helped to build a strong relationship between him and Eric, and between the three of us.

Mike adopted Eric soon after we were married, and eventually became a father three more times. He is a great Dad, and here are some of the reasons why he’s tops in my books…

  • He read the Harry Potter series, just to be able to talk to Eric about it
  • He was never afraid to change a diaper
  • He took more than his share of turns getting up through the night with a crying baby
  • He always cleans up vomit, because he knows I can’t handle it
  • He knows how to be really silly with the kids, and does it often
  • He coaches their sports teams
  • He let his daughter dress him up with jewelry and makeup because it made her laugh
  • He is happy to help the kids with their homework
  • He never refuses a cuddle with the kids
  • He loves Disney World as much as the kids do (and as much as I do too!)
  • He’s willing to sit in a hospital all day long every few weeks to be at our son’s side
  • He sets a good example for the kids by showing them that it’s okay to take risks and learn new things
  • He loves his children and tells them often


Happy Father’s Day to my husband, my Dad and to all of the Fathers out there. I wish for you all to have a wonderful day where you are spoiled and recognized for all that you do.

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