I’m on a mission to prove that you can get healthy and strong without spending a fortune on gym memberships and supplies. I’m starting simple by going outside and walking every day. My goal is to run every other day, which I often do, but walking is an absolute. There are a lot of other ways to get fitness in each day. I garden, I cut the grass, I play with the kids and I go for bike rides with the kids but walking is something that almost anyone can do as intentional exercise.

The only real necessity for daily walking is a good pair of shoes. I personally like to have my music to distract me, but I can still walk without it so I won’t call it a necessity. I own more than one pair of running shoes so that I can alternate them daily. I’ve been wearing New Balance Shoes for running for over a year and love them, so trying the New Balance Fresh Foam 980 was a no brainer.

w980bo_nb_07_iThere are a nice looking shoe, but they are so much more than that. The shoe itself is very cushioned and comfortable and it has a lot of air circulation. The foam base makes for a very comfortable step and I feel like I have a little extra spring in my step when I wear these. My other New Balance shoes are made to provide a lot of stability and these shoes have a little less of that, which allows my feet and ankles to move around a little more. I like that the tread is smooth and shallow so that I don’t get pebbles stuck in the tread while I run on trails. The laces do not stay tied up very well, even coming undone when I double knot them, but that is an easy replacement. Overall I’m very impressed with the Fresh Foam shoes.

Whatever type of running shoe you like, make these a priority when you start walking and running. See you on the trails!

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