My vegetable garden was planted three weeks ago and I’m seeing a lot of growth this week, with both vegetables and weeds. I’ve been trying to combat the weeds but I’m cautious because some of the plants are still very small and I don’t want to accidentally pull them out with the weeds. So, that is the reason I’m giving for weeds showing in most of my pictures…

My tomatoes are doing great and I see the first flower on one of the plants. My peppers are not doing quite as well. Something, probably a bunny or possibly the Robin that is always perched on the edge of my garden, has been stealing their leaves. They are all still alive but they look a little thin and I’m worried about all but one of them.

My zucchinis and cucumbers are growing, some faster than others. Since I didn’t map my garden, I’m not sure which is which so I can’t say what is growing well and what isn’t. The green beans look fantastic and the radishes are growing like crazy, and my carrots (planted two weeks ago) are finally poking through the soil.

Some of the neighbour kids were found digging in my garden a couple of days after I planted it, and I think they rearranged my lettuce seeds. It’s coming up all bunched together at one end, and I’ve definitely lost a lot of the seed. I can’t get upset with the kids though, because I let them play in the garden before I planted in it and I’m sure they had no idea that the rules had changed.

Here are some of my plants on week three (descriptions below).

june 15 garden collage

Top left: A tomato plant with the flower.

Top right: Some of the lettuce that survived.

Middle right: The radishes are going to be plentiful!

Bottom left: Either a zucchini or cucumber plant.

Bottom middle: Some carrots starting to grow.

Bottom right: The healthiest of the pepper plants. It has a flower and another bud starting.

All in all, it is growing well and we should be seeing more flowers over the next couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to sharing pictures of actual vegetables!




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