The “go to” food for the children in my house is bread. Whether they are asking for french toast, a grilled cheese sandwich, some toast with peanut butter or any other form of sandwich, they like their bread. With this in mind, I try to choose varieties of bread that have added nutrition, like Stonemill Bakehouse.

Stonemill is first company in English Canada to introduce vitamin D into their breads. The skus that have the added vitamin D now have 25% of the daily value of vitamin D per serving (2 slices), which is considered by Health Canada as “an excellent source of vitamin D.” There is almost as much vitamin D as what’s found in one cup of milk and more vitamin D than what’s founding egg yolks, fortified orange juice or soy beverages.

With kids who are a little picky, like mine, it is important to look for food that they like that will provide those nutrients that they may be missing elsewhere. Soy beverages and eggs are a hard sell around here, and we don’t drink a lot of dairy, so Vitamin D is something that we could always use more of, particularly in the winter months when we aren’t getting it from the sunshine.

stonemill bread

The Stonemill breads tat contains Vitamin D are:

  • Chia – 6 Supergrains
  • Sprouted 3 Grains – 3 Grains & Oatmeal
  • 11 Whole Grains – Grains & Honey
  • 12 Whole Grains – Sprouted Rye
  • Omega 3 – Sprouted Flax and Sunflower & Walnut
  • Fibre & Fruit – Cranberry Pumpkin Seed
  • Flax & Chia – Supergrains
  • Sourdough – Multigrain
  • Sourdough – Classic French
  • Sourdough – Hearty Bavarian Rye
  • Sourdough – Belgian Whole Wheat

Stonemill is a company with a sense of responsibility to their customers. They have been creating artisan bread for one hundred years and they have a strong philosophy.

Stonemill believes in the “3 P’s” philosophy: people, planet, prosperity.

People : our strength.
The relationships we build with our suppliers, employees, retailers and consumers allow us to soar. Stonemill Bakehouse embraces everyone with dignity and respect, fairly and equitably.

Planet : our home.
Stonemill Bakehouse believes that a sustainable life is essential to all of us, our children and our children’s children. At Stonemill Bakehouse we feel it is our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and are determined to observe best environmental practices. We are committed to this effort by sponsoring initiatives that give back, here at home and to the global community and create sustainability in the third world.

Prosperity : our tool.
Without a prosperous business environment Stonemill Bakehouse would not be able to fulfill our promise to provide our team members with rewarding careers, support organic and alternative farming and products, or initiate and follow through with innovative business practices.

Stonemill bread is primarily available in Ontario. They have limited distribution in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. If you have trouble finding the bread in your area, please reach out to Stonemill via their Facebook page here and they’ll let you know if there’s a store in your area that carries their product.

One of my Ontario readers will win 5 loaves of Stonemill bread.

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