I am excited to announce that I am part of the Hot Wheels Connector Club. The Hot Wheels® Connector Club is made up of 30 parents across the country who are passionate about parenting, family and education and there’s only one person more thrilled to be part of that club…


Griffin has loved cars since he was old enough to pick one up and play with it, and building tracks for him to drive them on makes it even better. My husband is also pretty passionate about Hot Wheels Tracks and I think he was just as excited to build some tracks as our son was. The two of them got to work right away.  They have put together small tracks and practiced on them, and they continue to build on while the track fills up the living room and gets more elaborate by the day.

hot wheels 2

hot wheels 1

Maybe they will even enter their creation into the Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge! Whether they decide to have fun playing with the tracks or attempt to win the challenge, I just like that they are spending quality time together and Griffin is developing his building and creative skills.

The Hot Wheels® Track Builder Challenge is a cross-national competition implemented to inspire boys to build exciting, original and creative Hot Wheels® track. Participants will upload a picture of their track at hotwheels.ca, where they will be judged by an expert panel consisting of architects and creative specialists. The winner of the Hot Wheels® Track Builder Challenge will win a huge Hot Wheels® Track Party for them and their friends, hosted by Hot Wheels®. The contest will run from March to August, and the winner will be announced in September.

One of my lucky readers will win $50 in Hot Wheels product.*

*Product will be determined by shipper. Not as shown in photo.

get ready to winCanada



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