I remember being so excited to teach my son to drive. He was excited too and often spoke about turning 16 and the rite of passage that comes with that. Then he turned 16, and he stopped mentioning it. He would brush off any mention of taking the G1 test, even though I knew he had studied and should have been prepared. After almost a year of procrastinating, I picked him up from school with the study guide in hand and drove him to take his test. He passed, and suddenly had a renewed interest in learning to drive. Then things got dicey for me and his Dad as passengers in the vehicle, but that’s another story…

I think he put off taking the test because he was afraid he wouldn’t pass. It would have been great if there was a way for him to practice and get his confidence up while learning the rules of the road. If he were preparing for that test today, he would have that practice test available to him on the Ontario G1 website.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, as many as 26% of individuals that took their G1 exam in 2012 did not pass. Making sure these potential new drivers are properly prepared will increase the success rate, and will also help ensure we have new drivers on the road who know what to do.contr-scr-shad

A leading education website that lets users practice their G1 Test for free as many times as they like is now available in Canada. The NEW, Free G1 Practice Test website allows someone needing to take the G1 exam to practice in a way that is quite similar to that of the official exam. The site currently provides access to 6 practice tests (300 unique practice questions) that simulate what one may see on the G1 exam. Although G1.ca cannot guarantee that one would see the exact questions on the exam that are shown in the practice tests, every practice exam is based on this year’s official Ontario Driver’s Handbook (2014), meaning users can be sure they are receiving the most up-to-date test information.

Raising safe drivers is top priority for parents, so it is important to keep an open dialogue between parents and kids. This Parent Driver Contract is a tool that can be used to start that conversation. It lists important details like ensuring all passengers wear seatbelts, the rules of the road are followed and that no one is ever driving under the influence.

Whether you are downloading the Parent Driver Contract or helping your young driver prepare for his or her driving test, G1.ca is the right place to start!



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