Summer days may be longer, but they all go by so quickly that before we know it autumn starts creeping up on us. The memory of your children’s fun summer days shouldn’t have to fade just as fast. Whether you have the joy of newborn, the curiosity of a toddler, or the antics of tweens – these memories are important! Take out that dusty camera and capture the moments. Some great tips to keep in mind when finding the perfect settings for your summer photos include:

griffin water

The Petting Zoo

For hilarious and touching photos you will love to look back on, be sure to capture your children’s expressions and antics at the petting zoo. From the soft smile they will have when holding a baby chick to the hilarious grins and giggles they will have while chasing a silly goat throughout the yard, your children are sure to provide you with some fun and unique photos.

Splashing in the Water

Capturing pictures by the water is a fantastic way to get some very artistic and creative shots. Take pictures of your children splashing, jumping, swimming and playing, and use a fast shutter speed to grab your children’s smiles and all the water drops in clear focus.

Waving Sparklers

An Independence Day tradition, sparklers provide endless entertainment for kids of all ages. Use a tripod and slow shutter speed to capture amazing images of your children waving their sparklers at dusk. It doesn’t get more patriotic than that, and your children will love seeing these magical light sticks in motion.

Playing in the Grass

Capture the long summer days by taking photos of your children playing outside in the grass – the perfect setting, with a great opportunity to showcase a particularly cute outfit. Finding great patterns that will jump in the image are a must. Looking for baby clothes in Canada has been made easy and more affordable with all the international company’s they’ve recently on-boarded. No more cross-border shopping trips necessary! These pictures can be featured in your living room space, and will help keep your home warm and inviting even when the weather changes.

Around the Campfire

As the fun day draws to a close, be sure to grab a few photos of your children gathered around the campfire. Campfires are a summer tradition, and they are a great opportunity for some creative and memorable photos. From the sweet stickiness of the s’mores covering their hands and faces to the wide-eyed look of terror they get from the ghost stories you’ll tell, these are memories you will want to capture and hold on to forever.



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