Making healthy lunches that don’t bore the kids is a challenge in the summer months. You can only serve so many peanut butter sandwiches! My boys are a little finicky so I can’t be as creative with them, but my daughter is always open to trying new things. I have always loved Falafel and Avery hadn’t tried it before, so I decided to put together one of my favourite wraps for her, a falafel wrap. I picked up some Dempster’s Tortillas and my personal favourite toppings, and we got to work!

tortilla 1

I can’t have a falafel wrap without hot peppers but Avery hasn’t developed a taste for hot peppers yet, so the recipe I share below is how I made my falafel. You can choose any toppings that you like, but I recommend that your don’t skip the tzatziki sauce. Avery chose to have a wrap with just lettuce, falafel and tzatziki sauce.

falafel wrap 2


Falafel Wrap

Author: Sheri McDonald
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
My favourite way to eat falafel.
  • Dempster’s Tortilla
  • 3 Falafel
  • 2 tbsp tzatziki sauce
  • 2 lettuce leaves, chopped
  • 2 slices tomato chopped
  • 2 tbsp chopped red onion
  • 5-6 pickled hot banana pepper rings
  1. Heat the falafel for 2 mins in the microwave.
  2. Place the lettuce in the middle of the wrap and top it with the falafel balls.
  3. Add your remaining toppings and the tzatziki sauce.
  4. Wrap and eat!


So we made the wraps and the final verdict from Avery was a no for the falafel but yes to the toppings. She left off the hot peppers and the tomatoes and I think she would have liked it more had she used more toppings. Oh well, it left more falafel for me! I’m just glad she tried it and I think she will like it more if she tries it again with some more toppings.

Have you made any creative wraps lately?



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