Life is busy, and when you have a house full of kids you can use any extra moments you can find. I am always happy to find life hacks and time savers that will help me get through the day, and Pantene has provided just that with their dry shampoo.

dry shampoo

Each day offers the chance for a fresh style, but who always has the time? Hit the snooze button and minimize your styling time with Pantene Pro-V’s NEW collection of Dry Shampoo for fresher, cleaner looking hair*. Many of today’s leading dry shampoos use oil-like emollient ingredients which can interfere with cleaning and lead to visible residue left on hair. Pantene found a solution to the common concern of dull and dirty hair through a NEW Oil Absorber technology featuring tapioca. Sourced from the root of the cassava plant, tapioca removes excess oil from the scalp and hair without added emollients. Pantene’s formula eliminates the need for emollient ingredients, which can interfere with a dry shampoo’s ability to clean, resulting in clean looking and feeling hair. Pantene’s tapioca technology is found in all three NEW dry shampoos: Original Fresh, Blow Out Extend, and Root Reboot.

I have tried dry shampoo in the past and I wasn’t sold on it. I have naturally curly hair and it was left looking dull and frizzy after using dry shampoo. I was given the Pantene Dry Shampoo to try and I am much happier with the results I had using it. It is perfect for freshening my hair up when there’s no time to wash it, and I didn’t feel like my hair was too frizzy after using it. It does leave my hair a little duller than I would like, but it was a definite improvement from not washing it at all.

Pantene dry shampoo is my new life hack that keeps the kids from being too embarrassed when we have to rush out the door. Have you tried it?

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