This past year things have been a bit bizarre in this part of Canada. There was a winter which felt like fall, then felt like winter on tilt and a spring that went by like the blink of an eye. Now, as the summer progresses, it seems that the weather has decided to keep playing tricks. Sandwiched between beautiful warm days are those which are so incredibly hot and humid that being outside simply isn’t a possibility and dreary, cold and damp days.

Despite it all, I try to see the good in the weather because, well, I am Canadian after all! And one of the things that makes these days bearable is Netflix.


As a Canadian, I’m always interested in watching programs with Canadian content. I think we Canadians have our own dialect (from two-fours to toonies to “zed”) and, moreover, our own distinct sense of humour. So while I spent a large part of my life never realizing how distinct Canadians are, I now like to be able to parts of myself reflected on the hole high

Netflix Canada does just that! There are some great Canadian shows that simply appear to my inner child are shows that the whole family can enjoy. Black Hole High is a favourite because it has a great premise. It is focused on five teens who form a club to uncover what’s behind the strange supernatural and scientifically baffling events that are happening at their school. The Busy World of Richard Scarry actually takes me back to my childhood because these books were some of my favourites growing up and it is really cool to see them brought to life.

And the biggest family favourite falls into the “honourary Canadian” series. While it wasn’t put together in Canada, I spent many years as a child enjoying the claymation series, Pingu, on our non-cable tv. This little penguin is full of comical antics and I think he embraces a sense of Canadian humour. The best part is that is great for all ages and something the whole family can watch together — though watch out, you may start honking at each other like penguins if you do!

So on this soppy wet Ontario day, I’m proud to be a Canadian and impressed to see that Netflix brings the best of Canadian programming together for all ages.



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