If there is one thing that my kids can actually agree on, it’s a love for hot dogs. It’s our “go to” dinner on busy soccer nights or when we just want to offer something that we know everyone will eat. I think the appreciation for hot dogs is universal since they are almost always featured at family reunions, public BBQ’s, street parties and even birthday parties. They are sure to please just about everyone!

I think that hot dogs are so popular because they can be personalized so easily. You can dress up your dog with anything from the traditional ketchup and mustard to more adventurous toppings like avocado, chili and hot peppers. I started lining my hot dog bun with potato chips when I was a kid and I still like to indulge in my crunchy hot dogs now and then. My husband is a fan of sauerkraut on his hot dogs and my daughter loves relish. There are so many ways to enjoy a hot dog!

National Hot Dog Day is Wednesday, July 23rd, so we’re starting the celebration one day early with a #HotDogDay Twitter Party on Tuesday, July 22nd from 8-9pm ET.


I hope you will join us to celebrate National Hot Dog Day, and be sure to be ready to tell us all how you like your hot dogs! Do you wrap your hot dogs in bacon or slather them in mayo? Do you like your buns toasted or cold? Are the best hot dogs from the grill or the microwave? We are all so unique that I’m excited to hear about your favourite hot dogs!

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