It’s that time of year again, the kids are off to camp! I’m not a teary Mom about them heading off for some independence for a week. I love that they get this experience and I appreciate the break that I get, even though they don’t all go. This year I sent two kids to camp, which meant I had a lot of clothing to label and pack.

I chose the Awesome Camp Pack of labels. It came with both iron-on labels and vinyl labels, and we could choose what theme we wanted. I went with the Groovy theme because it came in colours that I knew Avery would like.

This pack contains:

  • 54 Iron on Clothing Labels (6 large – 2.36″x0.59″
  • 15 medium – 2.16″x0.39″
  • 21 small – 1.49″x0.31″ and 12 dots – 1″ diameter)
  • 26 Name Labels (15 medium – 2.16″x0.39″
  • 11 small – 1.49″x0.31″)
  • 4 Shoe Dots (1″ diameter)
  • 20 Sock Labels (1.96″ x 0.27″)
  • 13 Address Labels (1.96″ x 0.78″)
  • 1 Classic Button Bag Tag


I used the iron-on labels for all of the clothing items. The instructions were on the back of the packaging and the necessary parchment paper was in the package as well. It was very easy. We chose a label, placed the parchment paper on top and ironed it with a dry iron for ten seconds. It’s so easy to do and the labels are not going to fall off while she runs around at camp.


parchment paper


Socks always get lost at camp, so I liked the labels that were just for socks. We ironed a label on every sock and made sure to make the label colours match in each pair of socks. For her clothing we chose labels that were similar in colour to the piece of clothing, so that the label didn’t stick out too much.

iron on labels

Since I can’t iron everything, the vinyl labels were also very handy. Avery put one on her water bottle and one in each shoe. I labeled her hair band and used a vinyl label in her raincoat as well, since I wasn’t sure if it could be ironed. She also used the vinyl labels in some books and on some stuffed toy tags before they went in her suitcase.

vinyl on hairband

Everything was labeled using the kit from Stuck On You and I now have peace of mind that everything will make it back home after her week at camp. Clothing costs too much to take a chance on it not coming home from camp, and now we have a head start on labeling everything for school too!

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