Being a parent is stressful, plain and simple. In fact, it may just be one of the greatest challenges of your life – especially if it’s a first. All of a sudden you are responsible for a new baby and books can only help so much. If it’s not your first, it becomes a balancing act between your new little one and the rest of the family.

I learned early on that everyone has an opinion and most of them don’t align with one another. I decided to learn everything I could through books, parenting videos and seminars and from other parents too, but not all other parents. I wanted to learn from parents who had successfully raised their children (meaning their kids had passed the point mine had and were happy, loved and well cared for), but not just from people who had done their parenting in a different time. Things change over time and it isn’t possible to compare how things were twenty years ago with how they are today. My oldest child was born in 1992 and the baby equipment, supplies and even what was considered acceptable parenting was different then than it was when I had my second child in 2003. Times change, and we must too!

There are a lot of new baby products on the market today, and one of my lucky readers will win a parenting 101 prize pack to try some of these products.

parenting 101 prize pack

Parenting 101 Prize Pack:

Baby Orajel™ Tooth and Gum Cleanser with finger Brush
Orajel™ Natural Source Homeopathic Teething Gel
OxiClean™ Baby Stain Remover Spray
OxiClean™ Multi Purpose Baby Powder
L’il Critters ™ Vitamin D3 (For children 2 years +)
RUB A535™ Arnica Spray (For children 2 years +)
Trojan™ Bareskin™ Condoms
First Response™ Easy-Read Ovulation Test

Total Value: $100

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