This summer has flown by! I can hardly believe it is halfway over and we are already preparing for back to school. Buying school supplies and new clothing is the easy part of getting ready to send the kids back to school. My concerns are about getting them to bed earlier, getting them out of bed at a reasonable hour and ensuring they get through the school year without contracting every virus that will undoubtedly be floating through the hallways.

back to school

Sleep is always our biggest challenge. The kids get used to staying up late in the summer and they don’t want to go back to an earlier bedtime. This summer my two pre-teens have been sleeping so late that I wondered if they had actually turned into teenagers. Getting them up and ready for school in the morning is going to be quite a challenge! Thankfully there are safe and effective products like Sleep Tight for Kids that can help them get the rest they need, which should help them get up at a reasonable hour too.

Avoiding viruses is a very serious concern in our house. Of course we don’t want the kids to be sick and we don’t want them to miss school, but avoiding viruses is vital for my son’s health. When you have someone with an autoimmune disease in the house, you want to avoid germs as much as possible. We use antibacterial handwashes and teach the kids to avoid hand railings. We also use vitamins and herbal remedies to improve our immune systems and attempt to avoid illness. Orange Naturals has just released a new Homeopathic line-up of products that I am looking into. Gentle really can be strong!

Naturally at Home has an awesome newsletter full of health tips, tricks and recipes that may be helpful for parents like myself who are trying to keep their kids healthy. If you are looking for an expert opinion, you can visit the Ask Our Experts feature on the Orange Naturals facebook page.

This month Orange Naturals is having a Twitter Party! Join @Listen2Lena and the Orange Naturals gang on August 13th at 8pm EST. The hashtag is #ONatural and it’s sure to be informative and fun!

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