As a parent who has already made it through the pre-teen phase once and is now deep in the throws of it again, only with two children this time, I am all too familiar with the concept of noseblind.

noseblind [nohz-blihnd], noun;

Definition: The gradual acclimation to the smells of one’s home, car, or belongings, in which the affected does not notice them (even though their guests do).

Every time I enter the bedroom of one of my preteens and see them reading/playing/hanging out in complete oblivion to the scent of their surroundings, I am convinced that noseblind is absolutely real.


According to a recent Febreze survey, 42% of Canadians admit that they’ve been told that their homes smell, but they can’t smell it themselves.  Do you enjoy delicious, yet poignant smelling meals? Have a shaggy dog or lovable little gerbil? Have a teen or a workout routine?

If you answered yes to any of the above [and more], then we’re going to bet, you’ve gone noseblind!  While being accustomed to the bad smells around you may seem like a blessing, it impacts your familys’ home esteem, romance and social lives.  Ignorance isn’t bliss!

Febreeze Infographic

Febreze surveyed Canadians and here’s the smelly truth:

  • 93% of Canadians would like to know if their homes smelled bad.  Wouldn’t you?!
  • But we’re just too nice: only 63% of us would tell someone if their home smells
  • 48% of Canadians believe that a smelly home is the sign of a dirty, lazy homeowner. Ouch!!
  • So, what are the worst home smells?  Garbage, pet odours and smoking smells
  • Back on the dating scene or have a teen who’s trying to impress? For 61% of Canadians, the smell of their date’s home is a deal breaker, and 28% would make a quick exit if their date’s home smelled.
  • Excuses, excuses: 36% of Canadians have either avoided visiting friends with smelly abodes or make it a quick stop.
  • Doorbell or warning bell? 37% of Canadians panic when unexpected guests drop by. Is your home always ready for guests?
  • 45% of us dread visiting homes with pets because of the smell. Don’t let Fido take the blame, take action!
  • Pull over, driver! 58% of people have wanted to get out of someone’s car because of its smell

Seeking noseblind treatment?

Don’t waste your time or favourite fragrance masking the bad smells; kick them to the curb for good!

Febreze products actually eliminate bad smells with four special odour killers that devour and defuse, neutralize, surround and capture then trap and perfume odours (AKA chemical compounds) in the air.

One of my lucky readers will win a Febreze Noseblind Kit (valued at $50*) to make sure you can be fresh and guest ready from your clothes to your home and car to office.

  • De-stale the air: Febreze Air Effects Meadows & Rain – $4.79*
  • Refresh small spaces:Febreze Set & Refresh Starter Kit – $4.99*
  • Make it sniffable: Febreze Fabric Refresher Meadows & Rain – $9.99*
  • Rev up the freshness: Febreze Car Vent Clip Air Freshener Meadows & Rain – $4.99*
  • Unplug their noses: Febreze NOTICEables Duel Scented Oil Warmer – $7.39*
  •  Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Oil Refill Meadows & Rain – $12.99*
  • Sniff it real good: Febreze Stick & Refresh Fresh Meadows Air Freshener Starter Kit – $4.99*

For more on the science, symptoms and treatment visit



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