Deciding on a toilet paper brand for your family can be a big decision for some. You not only need to consider price and the feel of the toilet paper, but also the impact on the environment and even on your own home.

As a plumber, founder of Small Jobs Plumbing – the first female owned and operated plumbing company in Nova Scotia – and mother to an eight-year-old boy, nobody knows clogs better than Tammy Buchanan! And while you might not always think of it, one of her top tips for avoiding plumbing problems is starting with a toilet paper that breaks down quickly in water. This is especially true if you have low-flow toilets or a septic system, own a cottage or RV or simply have a kid who can’t help but put a little too much in the bowl! Now, Tammy wants to share her tips and advice on how to fix some of the most common toilet troubles with Canadians through the e•z Toilet Fixes videos on

Thankfully I either have excellent plumbing in my house or my children know not to use too much toilet paper, but if you live in an older home or your kids go a little crazy with the TP, you will want to see the EZ Flush test that I conducted.

I was provided a roll of Majesta and a roll of the leading brand of toilet paper, along with two bottles. I put the same amount of water in each bottle and then removed 4 squares of toilet paper from each roll.

ez flush test 1

Since I wanted to add the toilet paper to the water at precisely the same time, I rolled them and set them in the opening of each bottle before sliding them in together. I then shook each bottle for 30 seconds.

ez flush 2

The next part of the test is shown below in this video.

While it wasn’t as obvious while the contents of each bottle were sitting, it became very clear when I tried to empty the bottles. The Majesta was broken down enough to pour easily out of the bottle, while the leading brand remained solid and prevented the water from pouring, even when it had a few extra seconds to sit in the water.


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