I purchased my fridge ten years ago and the thing that I loved the most about it was the ice maker. I like my ice, and having it readily available at the fridge door was perfect. Unfortunately, it stopped working a couple of years ago. Since then I have been buying bags of ice whenever we needed ice, that is until I received the Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker. Now I am making it at home!


With this portable ice maker you have the ability to produce 26 lbs. of ice per day. Just plug it in, add water and turn it on! Each cycle takes at 6-13 minutes and produces 9 cubes of ice.

ice maker collageYou can choose either small or large ice cubes using the digital panel. Once your ice basket is full the ice maker will shut down until you empty it. It also shuts down when it has run out of water. If you get busy and forget that you were making ice (like I have done a couple of times now) it is not a big deal. The ice will melt and return to the water reservoir below to be made back into ice another day.

If you are curious like me, you may wonder how it works. In the picture (middle left) above you will see nine metal prongs protruding from the top of the ice maker. These prongs become very cold when the machine is turned on and they are immersed in a basket of water. They stay there until the water has frozen sufficiently over the prong and then the water basket slides away, leaving the ice cubes to fall and be pushed into the basket. You can see the ice being made below.


This machine makes ice quickly and easily and then I just dump the ice cubes into the ice basket in my fridge so that I can use the ice dispenser on the door! It’s perfect and ensures we always have lots of ice available. This would be a handy appliance for camping trips and for outside entertaining.

One of my lucky US readers will win an Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker of their own!

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