Living a healthy life and helping your children do the same is a constant learning curve. New studies, innovative products and technology change the way we live and the choices we make all of the time. Staying up to date can be challenging, particularly when searching online. Sometimes you just want to find information all in one place, and Shoppers is creating that space for you. Shoppers Drug Mart is developing a central hub to provide Canadians with important information on various health and wellness issues.


As a parent who had a crash course in dealing with chronic illness, I have a working background in some areas of wellness which I have shared with Shoppers Drug Mart. Having a record on hand that you can quickly refer to can expedite your child’s treatment options, and it ensures that everyone has all of the same information. You can head over to Shoppers to read about how I track my son’s health and treatments and hopefully learn to develop your own methods for tracking your children’s healthcare.

You will find this and many other valuable articles about health and wellness issues that are relevant in today’s society. I look forward to hearing your feedback, and I want to celebrate this new hub with a giveaway!

One of my lucky readers will win the following:
1. Life Brand Plastic Waterproof Bandage, Heavy Duty, 10 Latex Free
2. Life Brand Fever Indicator Digital Thermometer
3. Life Brand Children’s Acetominophen Suspension
4. $25 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card

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