Fall means that the kids are not only back in school, but also back in their regular routine. I like having them involved in local activities, but I don’t love trying to get them fed and to these activities on time! They are home from school by 3:30pm and sometimes have to be somewhere by 5pm, and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for dinner. I could throw together some sandwiches, and occasionally I do that but it isn’t usually met with a lot of enthusiasm, so I need to get creative.

The grill is one of my best tools for a quick meal. It also creates less mess, which makes it even more appealing to me. Traditionally we make our ham in the oven, but since time isn’t on our side these days and the kids like ham steaks, I have taken to slicing up our ham into thick ham steaks and throwing them on the grill. It is so fast and easy! Here is a dinner I put together last week.

bbq ham

I can’t say that it’s really a recipe, since I just sliced up the ham and brushed a little maple syrup on it while it was grilling, but it was a huge success! The grilled apple slices with it added just the right amount of sweetness, and I can never resist some grilled corn on the cob. The ham and apples were cooked in under ten minutes, and the corn only needed a couple of minutes longer since I steamed it a bit first.

bbq ham with apple

Some other options for the ham glaze would be a honey mustard sauce, or you could top it with pineapple or put some apple sauce on the side. I bet that fresh pineapple would be amazing on the grill! However you decide to pair it, grilled ham makes a fast and hearty meal.

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