A computer and printer in the home is a necessity these days, but I recently discovered that our printer is more useful than I ever could have known. If you are using an HP printer, you may know exactly what I’m talking about. I signed up at www.hp.ca/printables and found that I can choose from a huge variety of printables to make our lives easier. Here is a sampling of what they have…

hp prints

Since we are readjusting to the school routine, I decided to download some printables that would help us with that, like the adorable lunch notes shown below. You can choose daily or weekly printing or just go ahead and print them immediately. There were several other fantastic printables like the 7 Day Menu Planner that provides a week’s worth of meal ideas and a shopping list every Thursday. The My Calendar printable app ensures you won’t miss any important meetings, and you can print all of these printables on HP’s Eco-Friendly printer paper.

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The kids aren’t the only ones who might get a little stressed about the back-to-school season. The Parent’s Back-to-School Balancing Act adventure includes printables designed to keep parents motivated and inspired during this hectic time. The Money Power printables app will help you navigate the basics of personal finance from investing, saving, real estate and more to keep budgets in check. Tony Robbins, Catalyst for Change printables will have parents just as inspired as their young scholars with printouts on peak performance, business growth, and time & life. The Dr. Oz printables app offers practical advice on diet, exercise, weight loss and more to help families get a leg up on the impending flu season. And for some day-dream material, Tempting Places Travel Ideas will deliver weekly tips about travel destinations for that Christmas break the family has been dreaming of.

I found a To Do printable that I really like, because it also comes with a For Better or For Worse comic strip at the top of each day. That is one of my favourites and I like to be entertained while I get organized. My son takes part in occupational therapy, so the Awesome Airplanes printable is a great tool for him to work on his fine motor skills, and it’s fun too!

hp printables

I was recently traveling and I set up some fun printables to come off the printer each day as a bit of a surprise for the kids. That way they were getting something from me every day, even though I wasn’t home. It’s a great tool for families and one I wish I had discovered earlier!



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