When the new school year starts, one of the biggest challenges that many parents face is the school lunch. Before you have children it seems so easy, just throw a sandwich in a baggy and send it to school! In reality, it’s a daily struggle. While I completely support restricting foods from the schools due to allergies, it also forces me to be a little more creative than usual. Then there is the directive to be garbage free, and at our school we have a balanced school day, which means two lunch hours through the day. When you add in multiple children and their own personal preferences, this lunch thing gets pretty complicated and very expensive.

Walmart understands the struggle and has created the Walmart Snack Report with recipe ideas your kids are guaranteed to enjoy. The great part about the Walmart Snack Report is how it is made up of recipes made from items in their Great Value line. These are low cost items that help keep the lunch budget to a minimum. I went to Walmart and purchased a lot of baking ingredients from the Great Value line so I could attempt some of these recipes.

walmart brand

I am going to try several of the recipes in the Walmart Snack Report, but I started with the Confetti Cake Mix Cookies. These are so simple to make.  I mixed the Birthday Party Cake Mix with 2 large eggs and a 1/2 cup of soft butter, then dropped spoonfuls of batter onto cookie sheets before baking them for 11 minutes. It is fool proof!


Ready to bake

Baked cookies

Out of the oven

homemade cookies

Delicious soft cookies

The kids came home from school and dove right into the cookies. I will have to make another batch and hide them so that they last for a week of lunches, but it’s such an inexpensive and easy to make treat that I don’t mind. Next I will try the Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies and I think I will make some BBQ Spice Popcorn for myself too.

If baking isn’t your thing, you can find a lot of great ready make school snacks at Walmart too. I purchased a couple packs of Great Value cheese strings, some Great Value drinking boxes and some Great Value granola bars. That should keep them happy for at least a week!

What are you putting in the kids’ lunch boxes this year?



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