Asthma and allergies are a regular part of my life and the lives of my children, much like many other families these days. We are not smokers but we do live in a town that has a cement plant which increases the dust flying through the air. Environmental issues are to blame for many of the air quality issues we have these days, and I believe they are to cause for the increased instances of allergies and asthma. I want my children to breathe easy and I found a tool that will help us do just that, the Fellowes AeraMax 300 Air Purifier.

Fellowes Aeromax

The Fellowes AeraMax 300 Air Purifier has sensors that monitor the air quality and adjust the speed of the fan depending on the quality of the air. There is a lit circle on the air purifier that changes colour depending on the air quality. It is blue when things are status quo, changes to yellow when it needs to work a little harder and to red when it needs to run on high. My children are always excited to point out when the colour has changed, and we were all interested to see it go from blue to red just ten minutes after I started painting a nearby bathroom. I can also adjust the fan speed setting manually so that it is running on low, medium, high or turbo. This particular Fellowes Air Purifier cleans the air in large rooms up to 300 square feet, which is perfect for our open concept main floor.

The AeraMax 300 does more than clean the air from paint fumes. The carbon filter removes odours and captures large airborne particulates, while the True HEPA filter with AeraSafe antimicrobial treatment safely removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, ragweed and other allergens, viruses, germs, dust mites, mold spores and cigarette smoke. There is also the Aera+ Mode for allergy and cold/flu seasons which increases the air turnover rate to remove even more allergens from your indoor air. The Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifiers are the only air purifiers to be certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

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You can see in the photos above just how easy it is to change the filter in the AeraMax 300, and you can see how much dust collected on the filter from just a few days of use. No wonder we were all have problems with our allergies recently! This filter does not need to be changed yet, but when it is, the Filter Change Indicators will light up to say it is time to replace the Carbon or True HEPA filters.

One of the nice features with this air purifier is how quiet it is. We have been running it in our living room and even when it is running on high it doesn’t interfere with our ability to hear one another or the television. I will be moving it upstairs soon since we have carpet up there and more issues with dust, and I feel sure that it won’t keep anyone up at night.

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