My daughter has been coveting the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow since she first saw it on television. We have a lot of Nerf toys in the house and she has enjoyed using them just as much as her brothers, but the Nerf Rebelle line is made with her favourite colours (pink, purple and teal) and the bow is perfect for my Merida loving daughter.

NERF REBELLE brand is designed to empower players with confidence, high performance action, and a stylish edge, all while inspiring girls to think and play differently!

This fall NERF REBELLE introduces a whole new story with the Secretes and Spies line. Built on play insights from girls and delivers on features they asked for. All blasters within the Secrets & Spies line will include secret message darts or arrows and a separate decoder preparing kids for the ultimate spy mission. Each dart is pre-printed with a message and a blank space, allowing kids to have even more fun by writing their own messages and passing them along.

Not to be missed is the Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies Agent Bow,that comes with rubber ended bows instead of darts and functions similar to a real bow and arrow. The design is sleek and foam arrows can soar up to 85 feet while making a whistling sound! For added precision the AGENT BOW features an electronic glowing red dot that provides better aiming accuracy with every shot.

We were sent a whole collection of NERF REBELLE toys so that we could throw a NERF party. Avery’s brothers really wanted to be a part of the NERF party so they joined her and some of her friends, as well as a couple of neighbour kids who thought it all looked fun, for some NERF target practice in the backyard.

Nerf Rebelle

I decided the fairest way to go about things was to tell them to go grab something from the pile. It was interesting to see which toys they gravitated to! Once everyone had their weapon of choice, I had them label everything with a Sharpie, even their NERF darts. With four kids of my own, I know how important it is to know what belongs to who, and a few initials saved us some heartache later on.

First we chose a target at the fence, but after losing a couple of NERF darts over the fence, we decided to relocate the target to the neighbour’s swingset. The kids had so much fun trying to hit the target!

Nerf collage

While they all had fun together at our party, the NERF REBELLE fun has continued since then. The girls get together in the yard to shoot their arrows. You can just see how strong and confident they feel while they are taking aim. They are channeling their inner Merida. I noticed how differently the girls and boys play with the NERF toys. The boys chase each other around shooting at one another, while the girls choose a non-living target and take their time trying to hit their target. It’s good fun for all of them, no matter how they play.


I want to share the fun with you too, so one of my lucky readers will win one (1) x Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Agent Bow & one (1) x Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Messenger valued at over $50!

get ready to winCanada

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