Busy families spend a lot of time in their cars. Chauffeuring children, driving to work, taking road trips and just doing errands means those vehicles do their fair share of work. To ensure that you get the best mileage from your car, Shell would like to offer some tips and ideas on how to make life easier on the road:BTL java air miles offer 1

  1. Plan and combine trips: Avoid rush hour or construction zones to save time on the road. Trips of less than five km don’t allow the engine to reach its peak operating temperature; fuel consumption and exhaust emissions will be higher than when driving the same distance with a warm engine.
  2. Get your caffeine fix AND earn rewards: Make life a little easier at your local Shell station with Java Café – convenient, fresh and quality coffee that’s perfect for parents on the go. With a variety of flavours and condiments available, Java Café can be customized to meet every customer’s unique preferences. In addition, September 15 through to November 9, you can earn five bonus AIR MILES reward miles with every Shell Java Café purchase.
  3. Drive smoothly: It can be a bumpy ride with all the stop-and-go traffic, and when combined, speeding, quick acceleration and hard stops can increase fuel consumption by up to 25 percent.*
  4. Measure your tire pressure once a month: Properly inflated tires last longer, make your vehicle safer to drive and save fuel. Inflate cold tires to the recommended pressure.
  5. Choose a high-quality gasoline: All three grades of Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline contain five times the amount of federally-mandated cleaning agents. This gives Shell gasolines the ability to clean up gunk on intake valves and fuel injectors. Industry data indicates that a clean engine is more fuel-efficient, produces fewer emissions and allows vehicles to perform at their best.
  6. Lighten your load: The added weight of heavy items in your trunk and the decreased efficiency of your vehicle’s aerodynamics caused by roof or bicycle racks all contribute to increased fuel consumption.

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* Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency Auto$mart Thinking program



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