My family just welcomed a new baby girl into our midst (a niece for me) and we couldn’t be more delighted! Since her big sister is just 15 months old, I know that they already have many of the baby items and girl’s clothing that they will need. Of course I still want to share some baby gifts with the family and I prefer to give practical gifts when I can. If my Sister-in-law had known about the new baby registry on, I wouldn’t have to wonder what to buy!

Walmart Baby Registry

Walmart’s new baby registry is just what all new parents need. We all have our preferences when it comes to baby items, and a registry allows expectant parents to share those wishes in a practical way. With reasonable rates, free shipping and access to thousands of baby products that parents buy every day, the Walmart registry makes it easier than ever for friends and family to send you what the items on your registry. The registry is mobile friendly so that customers can set up, view and edit their registry while on the go, and their friends and family can also take a look at the registry while they are out shopping. That is very convenient! There is also a generous return policy in case you receive more than one of an item.

The new registry features a broad assortment of baby products from baby wipes to cribs and more than 1,500 online exclusives at Walmart’s everyday low prices. There are many popular baby brands recently added to the Walmart lineup that include Child of Mine by Carter’s, Mamas and Papas, Medela, Stroll-Air, and Tommee Tippee.

Finally, the new Walmart registry includes a Baby Resource Centre. This is a place to get expert advice, helpful tips and relevant articles on topics ranging from how to throw a great baby shower to buying a car seat to creating a safe sleeping environment for baby. It is just what every new parent needs!

I know I can pick out any number of fantastic baby products from Walmart for my new niece and I will do just that, but I will also tell my Sister-in-law about the registry so that she can consider setting one up now. The baby is just a few days old and I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering what to buy for them! If nothing else, the baby resource centre will be helpful for her.

What is your “go to” baby gift for new arrivals?



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