The smell of apple pie brings me warm memories of my Grandparents. My Grandmother made the best apple pie. Her crust was homemade and it was the lightest and flakiest pie crust I’ve ever had, and the pie filling was delicious. I have never found another apple pie like it and I don’t expect I ever will, but I love that smell that makes me think of my Grandma. Dempster’s has come up with a Limited Edition Apple Pie Bagel that gives me those memories every morning.

apple pie bagel

These delicious Apple Pie Bagels really do smell like apple pie, even in the package, and when you toast them you can enjoy a warm apple pie flavoured breakfast. There are chunks of apple through the bagels too, making them that much more authentic. I just toasted my bagel and added some butter. There’s no need to add a lot of toppings to this delicious bagel! I did have to put some cheese on the side though, thanks to my Grandfather. He loved Grandma’s apple pie too and when she gave him a slice he always said “Apple pie without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze”. It’s cheesy (pun intended), but it always makes me smile. I have to put cheese with my apple pie to pay him homage, and it was fitting to put cheese with my apple pie bagel too.

apple pie bagel 2

These Dempster’s Apple Pie Bagels are only available for a limited time, so make sure you pick some up before they’re gone. I grabbed two packages but I think I need to get a couple more. They make a great breakfast and they’re good to put in the kids’ lunches too.

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