Pumpkin pie is my guilty pleasure. I have an October birthday and I celebrate it with a slice of pumpkin pie instead of a piece of cake. I look for excuses to have pumpkin pie, and “because it’s Wednesday” doesn’t cut it when you used that excuse last week. So, today I decided to come up with some Halloween inspired pumpkin pie and pumpkin tarts. I started out with some Deep Dish Tenderflake Pie Shells, 12 Tenderflake Tart Shells and 18 Mini-Tart Shells, and followed the recipe on the can of pumpkin to make the filling.


tenderflake shells

I filled two pie crusts and all of the tart shells with the pumpkin pie filling and put them in the oven to bake. Once they were done, I set everything aside to cool off so the kids and I would be able to work on our creations.

pumpkin batter

We wanted to make some jack-o-lanterns out of our tarts and first tried to do it with icing, but we couldn’t get them to look just how we wanted. Then I found the chocolate chips and they worked pretty well. The kids did a great job on these and they liked eating them just as much as they enjoyed making them.

pumpkin tarts

I didn’t want that much chocolate in my pumpkin tart, so I decided to try to make some whipped cream ghosts on top of the mini-tarts. They melted quickly, but that was just more of a reason to eat them quickly! I need to come up with a way to make these with something more sturdy than whipped cream, so that they will last longer. Suggestions are welcome!

ghost  tarts

I know what you’re thinking. I go to great lengths to justify making some pumpkin pie. You’re right, and it’s worth it. Do you have a favourite dessert that you can’t get enough of? Can you create a Halloween treat with it?

Find delicious Tenderflake recipes on their facebook page.



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