There are relics hiding all over my house. An old computer tower sits at the base of the computer desk. A broken laptop rests on my bedroom bookshelf. An unused monitor is on the shelf in my closet, and there are old cell phones in the cabinet. Those are the unused electronics that I can think of right now, but there are probably even more hiding through our home. It’s easy to forget about them once you put them up out of the way, but those old electronics still have value. They could also be keeping you up at night, like the man in this video.

If your old electronics are not haunting you right now, consider this. Recycling your old electronics with Ontario Electronic Stewardship is great for the environment. It means that fewer old televisions, computers, phones and other devices end up in our landfills. It also means valuable materials like cooper and gold can be reclaimed and used for new products. Turning in out-of-use electronics for reuse helps families and kids who could otherwise not afford them. Your old laptop could help someone else get a job or an education.

I know that I haven’t been as diligent about recycling electronics because of the personal information they contain. It is relatively easy to remove a hard drive from a computer and a quick search online can help you learn how to erase cell phones and laptops. It is well worth the time to help the environment and free up a little space in your house at the same time.


So where are you hiding your used electronics? Use this time to do a treasure hunt to find where all your old electronics may be hiding around the house. Once you’ve put them all in one place, visit to find out where to drop them off.



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