This time of year is all about giving. People are out searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones and donations increase too. I am teaching my children about the power of giving and how good it feels to help others. There are many ways we can do that including donating to toy drives and food banks, volunteering with local organizations, helping out a neighbour and even offering help or support to a family member. This year the Ontario Toyota Dealers Association (OTDA) is making it even easier to give with the “Wishmaker Holiday Calendar”.

From December 1st until Christmas Eve the Ontario Toyota Dealers Association will be granting 24 wishes made by people just like you. Each day a new special wish will be revealed on the giant 50 foot Holiday calendar. The greatest part is how the wishes are selected. Ontario residents can submit their nominations of deserving Ontario residents for a special holiday gift of your choice online at

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I was invited to grant a wish in my community and that was a pretty easy choice for me. I have four children and three of them are currently attending the same school, which is a school descending from their older brother’s elementary school. I really value their school and their teachers and I knew I wanted to grant a wish to them. After a phone call to our principal, I learned that they always need iTunes gift cards to offset the cost of apps needed for their iPad learning. At my request, they were sent $500 in iTunes gift cards! The principal is thrilled and since the cards don’t expire they will be able to use them next year if they don’t use them all this year. It felt really great to be able to do that for the school, and it got me thinking about who else I would nominate for a special gift. I know a special someone who needs a new lens for her camera that she uses for her part time income, and someone else who would love to fly a family member home for the holidays. There are so many deserving people out there! It would be amazing to nominate someone and see their wish revealed on the Wishmaker Holiday Calendar.

Who would you nominate for a special wish? Is there a special gift you dream of? Before you tell me, put in your nomination at so there is a chance they can be chosen!



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