On the weekend we went to Toronto and celebrated my youngest son’s birthday. My oldest son moved there several months ago and we were able to spend the whole day with him. When it was time to head home and my birthday boy realized his big brother wasn’t coming home with us, he cried big crocodile tears and let us know that he expected his brother to come home for his birthday. I had no idea he expected that and it took some talk and comforting between the oldest and youngest to save the day from complete ruin.

It’s been a couple of days since that interaction, but this morning my little guy climbed into bed with me and asked me why everyone has to leave when they grow up. I thought he understood that his brother is much older than him and needs to live his own life, but clearly he doesn’t. I wish I knew he had been thinking that way so I could deal with it earlier.

We just never know what our kids our thinking, but RBC has given us a sneak peak into the minds of some children. The RBC Kids Optimism Survey, the first study of its kind and size in Canada, surveyed nearly 2,400 Canadians aged 10-25 on what affects their attitudes and behaviours. Take a look at some of the results.


RBC is working to improve the lives of children across the country. On November 20, 2014, RBC announced $2.86 million in funding to 109 community-based after school programs across Canada through the RBC After School Project. Recently RBC and the Public Health Agency of Canada announced a three-year $8.2-million commitment to the RBC Learn to Play Project. In 2014, more than 185 RBC Learn to Play Project grants will be awarded across the country to organizations and programs that build and deliver quality sport and recreation programs to children. Now that is the Holiday Spirit!



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