On average, Canadians spend seven hours a day in front of a computer screen. I think I’m above average in this group, but even if I limited my time to less than seven hours a day I think I would find myself complaining of the common aches and pains that come with desk work. Almost 70% of people complain of back pain, and then there are those who experience neck pain, or issues with their wrists and elbows.

Most of these complaints are due to working without the proper equipment. Lumbar support, wrist supports and foot rests can all help position your body properly to avoid injuries, and Fellowes Canada offers all of the above plus more. I received the I-Spire Series Monitor Lift and the Professional Series In-Line Document Holder to help get my workspace in order.

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The Professional Series In-Line Document Holder works for almost any size document or work space. It slides both up and down to adjust for longer paper sizes and has a magnetic guide that holds the document in place. It has a strong weighted base and can hold large documents. It adjusts to several angles as well.

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I set the Professional Series In-Line Document Holder up next to the kids’ computer because they often need to do school work that references books or papers provided by their teacher. Now they not only can have their instructions right where they need them, they also won’t lose them! I also set up the I-Spire Series Monitor Lift at the kids’ work station.

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The I-Spire Series Monitor Lift allows you to place the computer monitor at the right height for your eyes. This helps to avoid neck strain from looking down at the monitor, and you can see by the photo below that it is at the right height for my 10 year old daughter (and me, since we are approximately the same height). It also allows us to use all of the desk space because we can store items under the stand.

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One of my lucky readers will win a complete Fellowes I-Spire Prize Pack (includes: Monitor Support, Mouse pad wrist rocker, Keyboard wrist rocker, Lumbar support, Document Lift, Foot Support.  VALUE: over $200).

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