My husband and I have a hard time being on the same page when it comes to healthy living. Either I am 100% in with eating healthy and exercising, and he’s buying potato chips…or he’s out running every day and I’m making lasagna and cheesecake.

Needless to say, neither of us has a lot of success on our own.

We have both put on weight over the last year and I worry about how that affects our health. We are in our forties and there is a high rate of heart disease in my husband’s family, so there is no time to waste. We need to start taking care of ourselves! Obviously weight loss is important but I wanted health to be our biggest focus, so a couple of months ago I took matters into my own hands. My husband doesn’t typically eat breakfast, so I started making fruit and veggies smoothies for both of us, and just putting it in front of him. He never turns it down! I plan meals ahead and if anyone suggests buying take out, I let them know that I’ve already chosen our dinner. I make sure we have yogurt, fruit, hard boiled eggs, nuts, seeds, cheese and popcorn on hand if either of us wants a snack. We cut way back on sugar and fat, and started being more active. It’s been a little more work for me, but it’s paying off. We are both losing weight and we feel more energetic. We are finally both on the same page!

Another part of our health regime is our supplements. We take B Complex and Omega 3 vitamins every day, as well as a daily multi-vitamin. The Omega 3s are particularly important because they promote a healthy heart, and my husband doesn’t like to eat fish, so he’s not getting them naturally.

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